EPIQ RF Analyzer

Introducing a new spectrum analyzing software tool to expand your monitoring capabilities


View and record RF spectrum activity in your target environment from any location

Remotely Monitor Spectrum

Use Desktop App or Web UI

Record Raw RF


Unsure of what type of signal you are looking for? Or if a signal is present at all? ERA’s fast sweep speeds and advanced triggering capabilities allow you to track faint or short duration signals across time and frequency domains. ERA’s different recording capabilities can save your signal data (either I/Q or visual), capturing spectrum history that shows not only the signals of interest, but also when they occurred. Historical events can be replayed from a file, ensuring forensic capture of even ‘fleeting’ data for rigorous analysis after the event.

The combination of ERA software and a tiny Sidekiq card can convert PCs, embedded platforms like Epiq's MatchstiqTM, and even many standard laptops and tablets into fully functional, portable spectrum analyzers with robust capabilities. For systems and applications that lack an integrated screen for local monitoring, ERA can be operated remotely using virtually any web enabled device.


ERA can transform any platform with an Epiq Solutions’ SidekiqTM radio card into a powerful RF analyzer.


Example Integrations

MatchstiqTM S10

+ Web Browser

ERA software runs on the embedded Matchstiq platform. To configure ERA or monitor spectrum, use any device that has a modern web browser installed. The ERA user interface can be run remotely, even wirelessly, as long as it has a network connection to the S10. No VNC necessary and no extra software to install.

SidekiqTM + Laptop

With a Sidekiq SDR installed, many off-the-shelf laptops can instantly become portable spectrum analyzers using the ERA desktop app. Reduce the amount of clunky equipment you need to carry while improving your overall experience. Monitor signals in real-time and make either video or Raw RF recordings for post processing. Supports Linux OS, and Windows support is coming soon.


ERA is part of Sidekiq's pre-loaded suite of software tools.  If you own Sidekiq or Matchstiq, visit our support forums to download the latest version.  License the advanced version, ERA Pro, to add recording and event trigger capabilities.  Contact us for details.

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